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Disneybound of the Week 11: EPCOT

This week, I continued with the four parks of Walt Disney World with EPCOT. I love EPCOT and all that it represents. It's one of those places that the older I get, the more I love and appreciate it. So, with this Disneybound, I wanted to pay homage to this incredible park that teaches us that we're not all as different as we seem. Where we can travel the world in a day, go to space, go under the sea, travel back in time, journey into our imaginations, and even go to other galaxies. It's a park that teaches as much as it entertains, and I absolutely love that. It enlightens us and broadens our horizons, while helping us to understand ourselves and each other a little better, if we take the time to learn the lessons that it teaches. So, are you ready to journey with me and see how I paid tribute to this incredible park?

For this look, as always, I based the foundation of the look on the park icon, Spaceship Earth. However, I tried to through in some elements of the World Showcase into my look. I decided to go with a grey color scheme, which was pretty easy. I wore grey jeans by Lee and a grey top by 89th & Madison that I purchased at Ross. The lattice work and structured sleeves of the top reminded me of the old Future World section of the park. However, it does have some sparkle, which you know I love. I paired that with some sparkly silver heels by Mark Fisher that I got at Marshall's. I accessorized with silver jewelry. I wore a charm bracelet that features travel-inspired charms, such as an airplane, passport, and icons from different countries. I made the bracelet with charms I bought at Hobby Lobby. I added silver filigree earrings by Liz Claiborne that I got at JC Penney. I topped the look with, not one, but two pairs of Minnie Mouse ears. I couldn't decide which pair of World Showcase pavilion ears to wear, so I wore one and held the other. There was no reasoning behind which was which. I literally grabbed one and put it on, and held the other one. The ears represent the United Kingdom and France pavilions, since those are my favorite pavilions in the World Showcase. They're both just so pretty, and feel like home. For my makeup, silver and grey was the theme. I wore sparkly grey eyeshadow, with grey and silver eyeliner. I wore lots of highlighter, minimal blush, and sparkly clear lip gloss. I kept it simple, but elegant, just like the rest of EPCOT. What do you think of the look? Did I nail it, or did I epically miss? Let me know in the comments.

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