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Disneybound of the Week 15: Ursula

This week's Disneybound continues our month of villains with the dramatic sea witch herself: Ursula. Ursula is the sea witch from The Little Mermaid who steals Ariel's voice. She wants to rein over all the oceans, but has to have the trident from King Triton first. The only way she can get it is by exchanging the king's favorite daughter for the king himself. We all know how that one turned out, don't we. Anyway, Ursula has always been a fascinating character to me. She's dramatic, but more cunning than we often give her credit for. Add in the fact that this is actually a family feud, and the entire plot just got so much thicker. Did you know that in the original script for the film, Ursula is actually King Triton's sister? It was written into a scene at the beginning of the film, but eventually ended up getting cut. That was a plot twist that I never saw coming. However, it does explain her lines about what things were like when she lived in the palace. I always wondered about that. Does anyone else also wonder what she did to get her exiled? I've always been curious. Back to the Disneybound, though. I really enjoyed this bound, and I'm excited to break it down for you.

For this outfit, I went with all black with pops of purple, since that's Ursula's colors. I also went with pants, a tight fitting sweater, and a high ponytail, since Ursula has tentacles, after all. I was going to put six little braids in my ponytail, but they didn't work like I thought they would. Each braid would have represented one of her tentacles. Did you know that Ursula only has six tentacles? It made it easier to draw than the eight that a lot of people think she has, so animators only put six on her. I thought that I had a gold seashell necklace, but I couldn't find it. Instead, I wore a simple gold bangle that used to belong to my mother, and gold square hoop earrings that were a gift from my grandfather. For the rest of the outfit, I wore my black pants by Lee, a purple tank top that by A New Day from Target, and a black sweater by a.n.a. from JCPenney. I paired it with my black high heels by Nine West that I got at Ross. Recreating Ursula's makeup was by far the most fun part of this entire Disneybound. Ursula is known for her dramatic bright blue eyeshadow and bold red lip. So, that's exactly what I did. I also wore blue eyeliner, and kept the blush and highlighter to a minimum. It was a fun Disneybound to do. What do you think of the outfit? Did I get pretty close, or did I miss by a nautical mile? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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