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Disneybound of the Week 12: Hollywood Studios

This week's Disneybound is Disney's Hollywood Studios, continuing the theme of the parks of Walt Disney World. Hollywood Studios was the third park to open at Walt Disney World under the original name of Disney-MGM Studios, paying homage to the iconic old studio that helped to sponsor the park. The park was designed to remember the "Hollywood that never was - and always will be," as stated by Michael Eisner on opening day. It was later renamed after the partnership agreement with MGM came to an end. It has been reimagined, and now is better than ever, in my humble opinion. Taking my inspiration from the park icon, which is now Tower of Terror, I added in elements of the glitz and glam of Old Hollywood. The park icon has changed several times over the years, but is now the Tower of Terror. Anyone else remember the "Earful Tower"? Anyway, let's break down this look before I go any further down memory lane, shall we?

I based the color scheme of this outfit on the uniforms of the bellhops at Tower of Terror. Their costumes are black, maroon, and gold. However, since my favorite part of Old Hollywood is the glitz, glamor, and sparkle, I had to add some elements of that to my outfit. So, I wore black pants by Lee that I found at a Lee/Wrangler Outlet earlier this year. I wore a shimmery gold top by Nine West that I bought at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I don't remember which. I paired that with a maroon leather jacket with gold trim by Baccini that I got at Ross. I wore sparkly gold shoes by Jessica Simpson that I got at Ross, and gold filigree earrings by Liz Claiborne that I got at JC Penney. I also wore a gold Minnie Mouse necklace and gold charm bracelet, both made with charms purchased at Hobby Lobby, along with a gold statement ring, also purchased at Hobby Lobby. I topped it all off with a black beret that I bought at the France Pavilion at EPCOT. For my makeup, I went with a red and gold glam look. I wore red and gold eyeshadow with black and gold eyeliner. I also wore a deep rusty rouge colored lipstick. I kept the highlighter and blush minimal, with most of the attention focused on the eyes. What do you think of this Disneybound? Did I rise to the occasion, or plummet down all 13 floors of the Hollywood Tower Hotel? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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