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Disneybound of the Week 14: Maleficent!

For the month of October, I decided to do a month of villains. So, I had to start with the most iconic villain of them all: Maleficent. I will also state that she is my favorite villain, so I loved the idea of starting with her. She has gone down as the most evil villain in all of Disney lore, but I beg to differ. While she is pretty evil, I'm not sure that she takes to cake for most evil. I'll leave you to decide who you think the worst villain is. Personally, I find Chernabog to be the most terrifying. (You know, the giant gargoyle character from Fantasia. Yeah, that scary guy.) However, we can all agree that Maleficent is the most iconic. I mean, she can turn into a dragon, for crying out loud. It doesn't get any more dramatic than a fire-breathing dragon. However, Maleficent did get some redemption with her live-action remake. Personally, I was quite the fan of the live-action films, so that is what I decided to base my Disneybound look on. I did really want to do the animated version, and that was my original intention, until I started planning out the rest of my outfits for the month. Did you know that most of the villains have very similar color schemes? Yeah, they do. So, that forced me to change my plans just a bit. So, to keep from having to change any of the characters, I decided to do a different version of Maleficent. I will be doing the animated version at some point in the future, but I was thrilled with how the live-action version turned out. So, let's break down this look, shall we?

For this look, the colors are black, black, and black, with some slight hints of green thrown in. Bonus points if you have anything dragon or feathered in your outfit, which I do not have. So, for this outfit, I wore a black shirt that I got at Old Navy. I paired it with a black pleated skirt by Vince Camuto that I got at Sam's Club. I topped it off with a black jacket that I got a Kohl's. It was a part of a collection that came out with the live-action release of Beauty and the Beast, but it worked with this outfit. I wore black high heels by Nine West that I got at Ross, and I topped the look off with black and iridescent green jewelry. I wanted a hint of green to represent her scepter. I couldn't find any horns that I liked, so I had to go without. However, I will be keeping my eye out for some to get for future use. I will say, this was probably the most comfortable Disneybound I have ever done. I actually wore this outfit all day with no problems or discomfort whatsoever. It was great. So, what did you think of this Disneybound? Do you think I got it right, or did I fall a bit short? Let me know in the comments what you think.

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